Lagoon Bay  
Spot Name:
Back of Lighthouse BOL - Marrawah
Ideal for:
Advanced to expert sailors only – best and biggest down the line sailing in the state
SW – WSW winds are best and usually very consistent as this is a point reef break with no hills or sand dunes to spoil the wind.
Drive 3.5km south of Marrawah pub, turn right onto West Point Rd (gravel), drive 2.5km, and take the right hand fork. Drive 1.1km and you’ll find a rough track off to the left, if you get to a shack you’ve gone too far so double back.  2x4 vehicles park here and you have a 300m walk or hitch a ride with your mates, 4x4’s can drive to the launch spot.
Parking easy with a 4x4 vehicle.  2 wheel drives park on the road with a 300m walk to the launch site
Pretty easy wherever you park
Strong current in a big swell when waves are over mast high, anything smaller is not really a problem.  Talk to regular BOL sailors before going out. (Start with Anthony Houston :-) )
The waves only work with a swell over 3.5m and best with a 5m swell.  In a small swell the waves can get a bit chopped up but once over 3/4 mast it cleans up. With a 5-6m swell waves are around mast high giving clean waves and nice long runs. Usually the waves here are pretty crumbly and even getting crunched is OK, very seldom are there big close-outs.
Mid to high tide is best.  When the tide is dead low the kelp reef gets a bit treacherous but can be avoided. Tides are about 1/2hr before Stanley.
Speed Record:
This is without a doubt the best big wave sailing spot in Tassie.  It’s a reef break with waves that can jack up to mast high and still be sailable.
Launch in a quiet little rocky bay, drift out to the wind-line, dog out about 50m past the point to pick up the full wind and you’re off sailing through the middle of the bay with no beach break.  Sail up wind well out behind the wave break, jibe and pick up the biggest wave of the set you can find. 
Make sure if the swell is big you catch the last big wave of the set so if you come a gutzer the next one won’t be too tough on you.
If you do get smashed, which is quite common for most of us, the wave drops right off as it gets to deep water in the channel.
Caution needs to be taken to keep well away from the rocks and rip on the right hand side of the bay, keep pointing well upwind next to the break.  Also take care on dead low tide as the kelp reef becomes exposed. 
Your first sail at BOL will be daunting but it’s amazingly easy to sail, take a deep breath,  walk into the water, wade out, jump on your board, dog out 50m, hit the wind and you’re off sailing out through the channel, you’re now in the Southern Ocean, jibe behind the break, let the swell pick you up, go as deep as you like, fang it and have the ride of your life on a 3/4 to mast high wave, jibe or fall off in the channel…………….and repeat for 4 hours!!!!!
This is a real adrenaline pumping workout…………..can’t beat it!!!!


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